Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

Biomarker Generator


A revolutionary system – smaller, easier to install and simpler to operate than conventional cyclotrons.

The BG-75 produces PET biomarkers and radioisotopes on demand. An integrated solution, the BG-75 encompasses an entire PET production lab in a 30 sq. m. room. It includes a self-shielded mini-cyclotron for producing the positron-emitting F-18 isotope and microchemistry system for labeling specific molecules with the positron-emitting isotopes.


With a smaller footprint, lower cost and compact size, the BG-75 Biomarker Generator offers unparalleled advantages when compared to conventional cyclotrons.


Manufacturer: ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.

Some key advantages of the system are:
• Low power – low radiation
• Simple one button operation
• Fast production of radioisotopes – dose available when needed
• Designed for reliability
• Easy access to target and ion source for simple replacement
• Automated quality control sample from final product vial
• Quality control tests for each dose
• Quality control tests based on EU pharmacopeial standards
• Embedded methods
• Dose record for each dose generated
• Self-shielded, eliminating the need for a bunker to house the system.

GRP Radio-Chemistry Modules


Highly versatile synthesizers designed to meet all demands for GMP production and radiopharmaceutical research.

GRP modules combine compact design with unprecedented flexibility and extensive upgrade options, including two interlinked interfaces: the research and GMP expert mode AND the GMP-App mode that offers intuitive simplicity for non-experts. In combination with a comprehensive portfolio of precursors and kits, our clients are at the forefront of contemporary radiopharmaceutical and theranostic research and GMP production.


Manufacturer: Scintomics GmbH

Supported tracers include:



*Depends on the needs and configuration of the equipment

Apoteca Chemo


Automation and control of chemotherapy compounding.

APOTECA is the automation and information platform for safe compounding of intravenous hazardous therapy.


APOTECA is a robotic system capable of weighing the active ingredients and solutions, reconstituting powdered drugs, preparing syringes, bags and other final containers while safely loading and unloading the materials and preparations.


APOTECA integrates with the hospital information system (HIS), fully automates the complex and critical tasks related to the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapeutic admixtures, streamlines pharmacy operations and gives access to a full set of data on production.


APOTECA delivers measurable, meaningful value across many dimensions including patient safety, operator safety, pharmacist efficiency, peace of mind, physician satisfaction, inventory management, cost reduction, automated record-keeping, and risk management.


Manufacturer: Loccioni Humancare



A versatile system for treatment of a wide range of cancers

The versatile Xoft Axxent System utilizes a breakthrough technology to provide expanded treatment options for a range of cancers. With the Xoft System, highly focused therapeutic radiation of the disease target is possible in a minimally shielded setting, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.
Xoft offers patients and clinicians a simplified alternative to traditional six-week radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer treatment. With the Xoft System, delivery of radiation therapy in the operating room at the time of surgery is possible with intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).


Manufacturer: Xoft

Aseptic Processing And Containment

We consult, design and implement complete solutions in the field of Aseptic Processing and Containment for the pharmaceutical and nuclear medicine sectors.


Our portfolio includes:

*     Radiopharmaceutical hot cells;

*     Dispensers and isolators for vials and syringes;

*     QC equipment;

*     Dose calibrators;

*     Laminar hoods;

*     Shielding and doors;

*     Multidose fractioning injection systems.


Manufacturer: Comecer

In-Vivo Diagnostic Kits And Radiopharmaceuticals


Medical grade and R&D kits and radiopharmaceuticals

We provide generic diagnostic in-vivo kits for Tc-99m labeling, as well as various diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.


Manufacturer: Medi-radiopharma