Diagnostic Imaging

A Broad Portfolio

Lifeline Medical provides radiology solutions from mobile X-ray devices to last generation MRI and CT scanners. All of our products come from pioneering companies and we do not compromise on quality.

Our portfolio of clinically proven devices and technologies is constantly evolving in order to help medical professionals in the area of Diagnostic Imaging perform better.

Conventional Radiography And Fluoroscopy X-Ray Systems

Our portfolio of conventional radiography and fluoroscopy X-ray systems consists of floor-based or ceiling suspended systems, mounted X-ray columns, fixed or elevating platform tables, and stationary or variable angle bucky stands. Radiography/fluoroscopy systems could be equipped with an image intensifier (I.I.) or wireless/wired flat panel detector (FPD). They are equipped with the most recent technological advances for improved image quality and lower patient and operator radiation doses. All systems are suitable for both routine examinations and conducting specialized procedures under fluoroscopic guidance.

Analog And Digital Mammography

From screening to diagnostic mammography – our analog and digital units could offer even better with the 3D stereotactic biopsy attachment as well as with the 3D tomosynthesis software. In addition, the systems may be equipped with a workstation for image processing and review on 5 MP medical-grade monitors.

Mobile C-Arm Fluoroscopy Systems

The mobile C-arm fluoroscopy system completely covers all medical specialties – Orthopedics and Traumatology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Vascular Surgery, Neurology, and Cardiology. The systems are equipped with automatic exposure control, predefined anatomical programs and a variety of specialized software modules for a wide range of medical applications.

Mobile X-Ray Radiography

The Mobile X-ray units are mostly applicable in the examination of patients that cannot be transported in the ICU or OR during surgical interventions. In this regard, mobility and image quality are of great importance and for that reason, we offer the most compact and maneuverable units, equipped with high sensitivity digital flat panel detectors.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Last generation spiral multidetector computed tomography systems are integrated with the most recent hardware and software technologies for image enhancement and radiation dose reduction. The system is suitable for oncology examinations due to the high resolution of the reconstructed image, the advanced software packages for whole-body perfusion and tumor development tracing and the interventional fluoroscopy mode. Another strong area of application is Cardiology in which the combination of wide detector coverage and fast scanning speed, as well as an extended cardiology package (coronary analysis, calcium scoring, myocardial kinetics, and ejection fraction calculation), guarantees an accurate diagnosis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance tomography is a diagnostic tool of high importance. The lack of ionizing radiation and the high natural soft-tissue contrast render sets this modality among the most preferred. Of high importance for achieving high image quality is the magnetic field homogeneity – our systems are among the best in class. Vega Medical’s portfolio includes open magnets (for claustrophobic and pediatric patients) and conventional units with superconducting solenoids.