Dental Surgery

Dental Supplies

Our growing Dental Supplies section covers a wide range of everyday dental supply products and dental equipment. We offer dental supplies at discounted prices. Lifeline Med Supplies goal is to provide your organization with high-quality products at low prices. Our low prices help your practice put more money into providing the highest patient care.

Technology & Equipment

We pride ourselves on being the distributor of choice. Here at Lifeline Dental, we offer leading technologies such as our OneVisit Cad/Cam Solution. We also provide an array of options in the large and small equipment arena. 2D and 3D imaging, lasers, chairs, units, lights, cabinetry, handpieces and sterilizers are predominately featured in one of our three CenterPoint Experience showrooms.

Exam Room Essentials

Exam Stools


Dentists, hygientists, and assistants need the most ergonomic seating to alleviate the discomfort of prolonged sitting. Lifeline Medical’s dental exam stools ensure the most advanced seating options, offering the highest quality for the dental professional.

Dental Evacuators

Dental Evacuators help make dental procedures comfortable and convenient for both dentists and patients, removing harmful bacteria and saliva. The Evacuator Tips provide efficient suction and are adaptable to most systems. Lifeline Medical carries a variety of quality Evacuator Tips at an affordable price for any dental practice.

Dental Mouth Trays

Dental Mouth Trays help capture precise dental impressions and provide a firm backing to ensure additional quality in captures. Lifeline medical offers Impression Trays in many styles and sizes, making these accessories worthwhile to keep in stock for any dental practice.

In the Dental Supplies category, we have many essential products like: sterilization pouches, matrix bands, nitrile exam gloves, Cidex OPA, Rapicide, PDI Sani-Cloth AF3 wipes, Cavicide, Caviwipes, Antimicrobial Hand Soaps, hand sanitizers, Crosstex face masks, dental bibs, tray covers, saliva ejectors, and Surgical Loupes.


Additional dental supply and equipment products are store found throughout the store and in these sections: Gloves, Medical Apparel, Medical Lighting, Surgical Supplies, Medical Supplies, and Skin and Wound Care.


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