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Lifeline Medical is a healthcare improvement company operating from its headquarters in United Kingdom. We help hospitals, clinics, and physicians deliver better patient care while at the same time we improve efficiency and optimize costs. Over the last few years lifeline medical has become a preferred partner for leading medical manufacturers and more than in healthcare institutions. We operate in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and China. We aim to not only provide products and services but also be a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practices.

Lifeline Medical is uniquely positioned to provide medical equipment and consumables. Along with medical products, we also strive to provide services and continuous education. That way we help our partners thrive in an ever-changing healthcare system.

Our Goals.

Our main goal is to make the latest generation of medical equipment, consumables, and devices available to healthcare institutions in the region. In order to achieve that, we have created tailored solutions for our clients. They not only meet our clients’ needs but also to open new horizons in front of them.

We see our mission in supporting, consulting and inspiring our partners to implement new procedures. We also encourage them to introduce new technologies to achieve higher standards and better patient care.

Striving excellence and continuous improvement, we have implemented an Integrated Management System. You can view our health, safety and environmental policy here.

We take great pride in what we do as do all our partners. That’s why we have moved away from the typical vendor-buyer relationship, illustrating the real meaning of partnership.


Since day one, we recognized the major problems in our market. Lack of specialization, poor service, no planning, and what surprised us the most – no partnerships. In the medical device and equipment market the supplier, distributor, hospital, doctor, and patient are so dependent on each other. It seemed unacceptable that all local companies were approaching this business as purely trading.

This is why we say “Always do the right thing, no matter what!”. And while striving to do what is right for the patient, we know that our organization is moving in the right direction – supporting hospitals and physicians by providing them with the best medical solutions for their needs.

We recognize the need to develop strong bonds with our partners who manufacture the goods we distribute – this is where we source our valuable expertise and competitive edge. Staying close to the hospitals and their teams allows us to break the vendor-buyer relationship and create a basis for real partnership and sharing of knowledge. This not only leads to better sales and happier customers, but it also leads to improving healthcare in the region.

The Future

In the era of constant healthcare reforms, every day brings new challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers, manufacturers, and distributors. Organizations across the whole value chain need to be flexible and adapt to the new market dynamics.

We have embarked on a journey of continuous improvement for us and our clients. We continuously develop and refine strategy, processes and business models to help us all navigate through the complexities of the market and achieve better results across the board. We made the strategic decision to invest in our infrastructure, information technology systems and internal processes in order to position lifeline medical for the future.

Today, lifeline Medical is a platform for growth and continuous improvement for ourselves, our partners and employees.

About CEO
Syed Kamran

Dear healthcare professionals and patients in UK


Some goals can materialize with nothing less than an effective, sustained team effort. I believe that medical technology and equipment suppliers, healthcare providers and patients have a common goal – better health.


Better health is a three-legged stool. The first leg is the patient’s effort – to lead a healthy lifestyle, to see a doctor regularly and to be adherent to treatments. The second leg is healthcare providers – physicians, nurses and other specialists. Your knowledge, dedication, skills and empathy are critical for everyone’s health.


The third leg is medical technology. From stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and syringes to vital signs monitors, laboratory analyzers and diagnostic imaging devices, medical equipment must be user-friendly, safe and effective.


Not all medical technology fulfils these requirements. Without detailed and continuously updated knowledge of the medical device marketplace, traps are difficult to avoid. Shoddy quality, poor accuracy, lack of regulatory approval and outright unsafe operation are just some of the issues permeating the industry.


Despite these traps, the third leg of the stool must be rock-solid in order for health outcomes to be optimal. How do Lifeline Medical supplies achieve this?


We work with only the most technologically advanced, most reliable manufacturers. Most of them are based in Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, USA , China and Japan. Examples include Rudolph Riester, Schiller, Philips Respironics, Medline, Sysmex and Pentax Medical.
We read scientific research studies. Many medical products undergo clinical evaluation studies after market approval, including comparative effectiveness studies. We carefully hand-pick medical products for sale and distribution in UK , while an average distributor does not research deeper than what the manufacturer promises.

We understand the needs of healthcare providers and patients. With a physician handling our medical affairs, we understand the needs of both healthcare workers and patients much better than an average distributor.
As I wrote down that last point, I realized that the three-legged stool of better health could be even stronger. To achieve this, there must be support bars between the three legs. For example, medical equipment provider such as us must support both the healthcare staff and patients. This interconnected healthcare model could perform extremely well.


Leading our organization to be a pillar of better health and a strong supporter of partner organizations is my job, honour and privilege. I will carry out this mission for all United Kingdom.



Dr Mehvish Irfan

Syed Kamran CEO 
Lifeline med supplies